The Case for Need

boy-stumped-readingSince the U.S. Department of Education became a stand-alone agency in 1980, we’ve had six presidents and nine secretaries of education. We’ve had one initiative after another, from National Goals to No Child Left Behind, to Race to the Top to Common Core State Standards. Yet we’re still failing to properly prepare our children for college and the work world. Far too many children can’t read at grade level, and if they can’t read, they’re bound to fall behind in every other subject, including math, science, history and the arts.

It’s important that we start to look outside the box – or the current educational system – to find supporting solutions.

Jon Whitmore, chief executive office at ACT, the most popular college entrance exam in the country, has stated:  “The best way to help students prepare for successful futures is by monitoring their achievement … and providing help whenever we find they are not on track for success.”

This is why Kintaro Inc. was founded.